“A hospital will take away business from the Sublette Center.”

We rate this:  Mostlyfalse  

The purpose of the hospital is to provide beds for people whose healthcare needs are more critical than what can be provided by the Sublette Center. The laws governing CAH’s also dictate that the average patient stay at a CAH must be less than 96 hours.  Medicare and private insurance companies also have limits on the amount of time patients can stay in a hospital, which is more expensive than a rehabilitation center.  As a result, there is an incentive for doctors to move their patients over to the Sublette Center following procedures as quickly as possible.    Having the hospital may actually increase business for the Sublette Center because if patients receive an operation at the CAH that requires a long recuperation period, the Sublette Center is the closest rehabilitation center.  Today, a surgeon at University of Utah Hospital might recommend his or her patient recover at the U of U rehabilitation center after discharge from the hospital rather than putting the patient into an ambulance for a four hour drive to Pinedale.  There will be some patients who fall into a grey area where they could be in the hospital or in the Sublette Center, but we believe the impact will be minimal and possibly even very positive for the Sublette Center.

*** Researched by Susan Barney

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