EMS Vehicle iPad Air Tablets

Requested by: Carey Notman

Total Project Cost: $3,871.50       Installed: May 2016

EMS personnel had been using out of date computer tablets to do ongoing patient documentation during calls in the field.  Purchased in 2007, the tablets were no longer being supported by the state and repair costs were becoming a burden.  Their processing time was slow, often freezing up during a transaction, and data was sometimes lost and had to be reentered.  Newer tablets with touch screens would correct these issues, save time, fully meet HIPPA requirements, and assure patient data is captured.  The original grant request was to replace 4 of the 6 tablets in use.  Upon careful consideration by the RHF Board, they approved the purchase of 6 iPad Air tablets to upgrade the whole fleet.  Consistency and standardization improve performance outcomes.