Head Trauma Prevention and Detection

Requested by: Dr. David Kappenman

Total Cost: $282.00            Installed March 2015

There’s No Such Thing As A Tough Brain!

The King-Devick Test is an objective remove-from-play sideline concussion screening test that can be administered by parents and coaches in minutes. The King-Devick Test is an accurate and reliable method for identifying athletes with head trauma and has particular relevance to: Football, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Rugby, Baseball, Softball and All Other Contact and Collision Activities.

King-Devick Test is an easy-to-administer test which is given on the sidelines of sporting events to aid in the detection of concussions in athletes. King-Devick Test (K-D Test) can help to objectively determine whether players should be removed from games. As a result, King-Devick Test can help prevent the serious consequences of repetitive concussions resulting from an athlete returning to play after a head injury.

Remove-From-Play vs. Return-To-Play

Both remove-from-play and return-to-play decisions are crucial in concussion recovery. It is critical to remove a concussed athlete from play in order to prevent further damage. It is also extremely important to keep the athlete from returning to play until they have made a full recovery. There are tools to assist in making both remove-from-play and return-to-play decisions.

King-Devick Test for Remove-From-Play Decisions

  • Quick, objective sideline testing
  • Measures impairments of speech, language and other correlates of suboptimal brain function
  • Instant screening feedback in minutes
  • Administered by parents, coaches, athletic trainers and medical professionals in remove-from-play decisions

Neurocognitive Testing for Return-To-Play Decisions

  • Computerized concussion evaluation system (in the computer lab)
  • Measures verbal and visual memory, processing speed and reaction
  • Tracks recovery of cognitive processes following concussion
  • Assists clinicians in making return-to-play decisions