2016 Daisy Award Recipient

Left to Right: Rural Health Foundation President Dave Racich; 2016 DAISY Award recipient Amanda Thomsen; RHF Executive Director Jeanne Brown

The 1st DAISY Award in Sublette County was presented on February 29, 2016 to Amanda Thomsen during the annual in service recognition celebration held for Sublette County Rural Health Care District employees.  Nurses from both the Marbleton/Big Piney and Pinedale clinics were considered.  Here is a link to her online write up at the DAISY Award Foundation Site.

Recommended by her co-workers, Amanda is described as:

  • Willing to keep on learning and improving her skills
  • Going out of her way to be friendly and give compassionate care
  • Always willing to help even if she is busy
  • Answers questions and is willing to find the answer if she does not have it
  • Helpful no matter how busy her day is or whatever she is doing
  • Kind and compassionate
  • Always willing to help other depts. without complaining
  • Puts her patients first without judging them or setting them aside if she doesn’t want to talk to them
  • A team player
  • Keeps her finger on the pulse of the clinic and helps without being asked
  • AND finally she is just an amazing nurse!”

The Rural Health Foundation is proud to be affiliated with the Sublette County Rural Health Care District and cannot thank the nurses enough for the exceptional job they do for Sublette County everyday.  We look forward to hosting the DAISY Award for many years to come.